Economic Dynamics Code Book

AUTHOR: John Stachurski

This Jupyter book provides code to accompany the second edition of the textbook Economic Dynamics: Theory and Computation, published by the MIT Press. The code recreates figures from the book and gives solutions to exercises.

The only code provided at this stage is Python. A Julia version is lacking only due to time constraints. If there are readers who would like to create a Julia version, please get in touch via email or the issue tracker. A MATLAB version is also welcome — although I am not personally familiar with the language.


To run the code contained here, please install the latest version of Anaconda Python. For a few of the programs you will also need the QuantEcon Python library and the Interpolation library (install as required following the instructions on each library page).

If you encounter errors, please open an issue and copy and paste your error message.

The Python code contained in these notes is accelerated through a combination of NumPy and just-in-time compilation (via Numba). For those who require it, QuantEcon provides a fast-paced introduction to scientific computing with Python with background on these topics.

This code book is created using Jupyter Book.